china photoIn their latest push to advance China’s AI prowess, there will be a new face during Two Sessions, a pair of annual meetings featuring China’s top political advisory in March—Xin Xiaomeng. What makes this remarkable is that Xin is the world’s first female AI news anchor.

Created by Xinhua and search engine Sogou, Xin will premier alongside her previously released male counterpart Xin Xiahao and a second male AI anchor. Apart from a few stiff facial muscles, Xiaomeng is remarkably lifelike, complete with timed blinking and hand adjustments, while Xin Xiahao has received an upgrade since November.

The same day they unveiled Xin, Xinhua and Sogou announced that they’d given their male news anchor the ability to stand and talk, and the creative pair plan to demonstrate that ability while covering Two Sessions as well.

Xinhua’s male AI anchors work 24 hours a day on various social media and websites, reducing news production costs. Since November, the male duo has delivered over 3400 news reports and have “worked” over 10,000 minutes of screen time.


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