Nestle, the world’s largest food company, has added itself to the growling line of food industrialists utilizing AI to personalize nutrition. The new “Nestle Wellness Ambassador” program in Japan utilizes AI to analyze photographs of its 100,000+ users’ foods and make lifestyle changes and specially formulated supplements. A home kit enables users to identify common conditions that require specialized dietary needs, such as diabetes or high cholesterol, via blood and DNA testing.

The program was developed in response to the worldwide consumer demand for healthier, more natural, and less processed products. The Nestle Institute of Health Sciences employs more than a hundred scientists, covering a variety of specialties including cell biology, gastrointestinal medicine, and genomics. Kozo Takaoka, head of the company’s business in Japan, says that the wellness segment of Nestle could eventually account for half of Nestle’s Japan sales.

Though some nutritionists are skeptical of the tailored plans, Big Food continues on its path to integrate technology with consumer needs. Besides Nestle’s program, there is Campbell Soup Co’s “Habit” which personalizes your meals and provides tailored meal kits. Sage Project, a startup company that utilized endearing graphics to break down nutritional information is also instituting a new platform for tailored food choices. Amazon even partnered with “EatLove” to offer meal planning and recipes tailored to personal health profiles.

Founded in 2011, Nutrino synthesizes information on their analytics platform, which then uses machine learning and AI to create an individualized nutrition profile and personalized dietary suggestions. The platform’s database is derived from sources such as scientific reports, menus, and food nutrition breakdowns, eating habits of its millions of users, data from wearables, health apps, or information you input directly into their app called “FoodPrint”.

Another startup, The Not Company, will soon offer “Giuseppe”, an artificial intelligence platform program that will take meat-based recipes and recreate plant-based versions. These new creations will emulate the taste, flavor, and texture of their meat counterparts.
Lastly, there is Suggestic– a free, automated AI nutrition coach that helps people stick to their diet. The coach analyzes the world in real-time, offering local restaurant menu item recommendations, personalized grocery lists and meal plans.


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